Thursday, July 5, 2018

April & Chris | Hartford City Hall Elopement

I love photographing elopements, especially this one that features a past student of mine, April. When she reached out to me I was so excited for her!

 Her big day was very intimate, with only herself, her (now) husband Chris, and a couple of family members, they exchanged beautiful vows on the top floor of Hartford City Hall.

After their ceremony we took advantage of the beautiful architecture around the building and the overall lovely space. For those who have not been to Hartford City Hall (also known as the Municipal Building) it was built in 1915.

What makes this building perfect for intimate ceremonies is it's Beaux-Art Architecture, which utilized modern materials (iron and glass) to draw from styles of the Neoclassicism, Gothic, and  Renaissance periods. Which basically means that the building is a very classical design.

What I personally enjoy about photographing elopements is their personal nature. There's nothing wrong with a big wedding, but there is a specially allure to a private ceremony with just a few people involved.

Their wedding day was also very memorable because it was snowing that day, so we were able to take advantage of the weather by going outside after the ceremony for a few photos.

I'd love to be able to photograph more elopements in the future!

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