Monday, June 25, 2018

M Family | Spring Mini Session

This family is one of my favorites to photograph. I've been photographing them for about two and a half years now- before the little guy, Matias (left), was even born. 

I photograph this family a couple times a year. This particular session was in the Connecticut College Arboretum in New London over the spring time when the flowers are in full bloom.

You may notice in some of these pictures that it seems to be an overcast day, and on this day it was very cloudy and was actually supposed to rain. We had to move their session up because of the rain, but the overcast day was actually very nice for this session.

Overcast days are good for having family portrait sessions because the clouds diffuse the sunlight so it's not as bright and direct on only certain areas. This way there is even light for every subject in the photo and one person isn't overexposed while another person is underexposed.

What was also special about this session was that Fabiola's mother (right) was visiting from Peru, so it was a very happy occasion and I'm glad that I was able to document this reunion for them.

And if you haven't noticed his shirt by now- Matias is wearing his birthday shirt ("Look who is 2") which is absolutely adorable!

It's so nice to be able to capture these moments for families so they can treasure these times together forever and have pictures to remember it. I'm sure Matias will appreciate looking back at these when he is older.

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